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Chemistry of Sports: Smarter Safer, Faster

Posted by Deards, Kiyomi on February 9, 2017 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Feb. 21 at 6 pm in University of Nebraska Lincoln 548 Hamilton Hall

In the world of competitive and professional sports, chemistry is more impactful than you might think. Discover the materials that chemists are creating to enable athletes to perform better and stay safer, as well as how analytical chemistry is advancing to detect performance enhancing substances in order to keep the playing field level for everyone. During this interactive event, viewers will be able to network with young chemists and have an opportunity to ask questions live to the experts regarding the amazing work that is being done in sports science.

I <3 Red

Posted by Deards, Kiyomi on February 3, 2017 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Feb. 8 at 7 pm

UNL Love Library’s Adele Coryell Hall Learning Commons

I Love Red: Are humans hardwired to perceive certain colors? With Prof. Mark Griep


Description: Are humans hard-wired to perceive and name a limited number of colors? Find out the answer to that question and the special role for the color red.

Join us for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Amoung Us!

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Among Us!

Speaker: Professor Rebecca Lai, UNL

When: 7:00pm February 1, 2017

Location: Adele Hall Learning Commons

Description: There are animals in our world with "magical properties" like the fantastic beasts in Harry Potter's world. While augureys are known to predict rainfall, there are equally powerful weather-forecasting and earthquake-predicting animals among us. And like wizards strategically utilize demiguise hair to make invisibility cloaks, our scientists utilizing scorpion, bee, and snake venom for cancer treatments and incorporate snail secretions in anti-aging face creams. This presentation will provide a comparison between several notable fantastic beasts in Harry's world and a few of our more magical earthly creatures.


Join Us for Wonders of Polymers at SciPop Interactive Saturday April 23rd from 1pm-3pm

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Please join us for: Wonders of Polymers

When: April 23, 2016 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm 

Where: Adele Hall Learning Commons Plaza (Outside the North Entrance), University of Nebraska-Lincoln City Campus 

What about rain: The event will be held inside the Adele Hall Learning Commons if rain is in the forecast.

What's happening? Polymers are everywhere around us, come make slime, put a stick through a balloon without popping it, and play with OOBleck a liquid that can also feel like a solid!

Sponsored by: ACS (American Chemical Society) Nebraska Local Section

Want to Volunteer: Contact ACS Nebraska Local Section Chair-Elect Martha Morton [email protected]

Parking: If you have a UNL parking pass, there is an A lot by the Lied Center. The closest public garages are the Larson Building Garage at 1317 Q St. and Que Place Garage at 1111 Q St.

If you have children and would like to make a day of it you might consider going to the Lincoln Children's Museum in the morning and then having lunch before dropping by for our event.

For more information about SciPop Interactive please see:

For more information about the Nebraska Science Festival see:


Congratulations to Daryl Jahn, 2015 Outstanding Nebraska High School Chemistry Teacher

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Congratulations to the 2015 Outstanding Nebraska High School Chemistry Teacher, Daryl D. Jahn! The award and a check for $200.00 were provided by the Department of Chemistry at the Unviersity of Nebraska-Lincoln in collaboration with the Nebraska Section of the American Chemical Society.

Image, from left to right, of James Takacs with Daryl D. Jahn and David Berkowitz.

Photo credit: Peta-Gaye Clachar, UNL Chemistry

Nebraska Section: 2015 ChemLuminary Award Finalist

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While it was not selected as the winner, the Nebraska Section was a finalist for a 2015  ChemLuminary award in the Outstanding Performance by a Local Section – Medium Small Size Category Award. Jim Takacs attended the awards program in Boston and presented the poster highlighting Nebraska Section activities. Congratualtions to the winning Savannah River Local Section.

Congratulations Mark Griep, 2015 ACS Nebraska Section Volunteer of the Year

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This award recognizes Mark for his outstanding contribution in securing National Historic Chemical Landmark (NHCL) status honoring Dr. Rachel Lloyd, the first US woman chemistry professor. Mark researched the life and accomplishments of this early woman pioneer in chemistry enabling the ACS, along with his new book on her life, to help share Dr. Lloyd’s remarkable accomplishments and legacy. Mark also organized a very successful and inspiring “Women in Science” symposium to accompany the NHCL event; almost 500 undergraduate chemistry students and 31 middle school students participated.

Congratulations to Desiree Wineland, Local Section Outreach Volunteer of the Year

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Honoring outstanding volunteers

Desiree C. Wineland of the Nebraska Section started the ACS Chem/Ag Club at Cambridge High School, where she has helped arrange field trips to a local agriculture laboratory, planted trees in support of Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, and raised scholarships for graduating seniors. C&EN