Nebraska Local Section

Past Officer of the Nebraska Local Section 1985 - present

Mid-term replacement officers are in parentheses.

Since 1986, the officers have been President Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Since 1948, the Councilor and Alternative Councilor have been elected to three-year terms.

Since 1929, the election of officers has taken place in the previous December.

In April 1895, the first local section west of the Mississippi was founded – Nebraska.

1. Rhode Island, founded 1891
2. Cincinnati, 1891
3. New York, 1891
4. Washington DC, 1893
5. Lehigh Valley, 1893
6. Chicago, 1895
7. Nebraska, 1895

This information was compiled by Mark Griep, March 2017.



Year Councilor Alt. Councilor Chair Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer

Morton Martha Locklear Moriah Deards Kiyomi Cheung Lael
2016 Takacs James M Wineland Des.C Glass A (Morton M) Morton Martha Deards Kiyomi Hartung Richard

Friest Jacob Glass Amanda Lovell SaraAnne Hartung Richard

Griep Mark A Friest Jacob Okuom Macduff Hartung Richard
2013 Takacs James M Wineland Des.C Griep Mark A Griep Mark A  Jackson A (Okuom M) Palencia Hector

Takacs James M Griep Mark A Jackson Abby Palencia Hector

Takacs James M Takacs James M Wineland Desiree C Griep Mark A
2010 Holmes Andrea E
Fackler Nathaneal P Takacs James M Cao Haishi Madhiri N

Holmes Andrea E Fackler Nathaneal P Lucas K Madhiri N
vacant Heckman Neil L Holmes Andrea E Dogbevia Moses Wolfe Carrie
2007 Darveau Scott A Mosher MD Heckman Neil L Heckman Neil L Dogbevia Moses Wolfe Carrie

Kautz Jason A Heckman Neil L Stoll Stacy Wolfe Carrie

Treichel David A Kautz Jason A Stoll Stacy Wolfe Carrie
2004 Mosher Michael D Darveau Scott A Bagga Kishore K Treichel David A Ruhn Peggy F Whipple Georgianna

Bagga Kishore K vacant Ruhn Peggy F Whipple Georgianna

Darveau Scott A Vallombroso Thom M Fackler Nathaneal P Grunder Sara E (Ruhn PF)
2001 Treichel David A Vallombroso TM Mosher Michael D Darveau Scott A Fackler Nathaneal P Ruhn Peggy F

Mosher Michael D Mosher Michael D Darveau Scott A Ruhn Peggy F

Krumpus Ruth A Mosher Michael D Darveau Scott A Ruhn Peggy F
1998 Treichel David A Prescott CL   Whipple-Van Patter Georgianna Krumpus Ruth A Mosher Michael D Ruhn Peggy F
vacant Kelter Paul B Whipple-VP Georgianna Hannon John M Treichel David A
1996 Dussault Patrick H
Mattes Frederick H Kelter Paul B Whipple-VP Georgianna Beck-Westermeyer Melissa S

Dungan Timothy A Mattes Frederick H Russert S (Dungan TA)  Martin Cynthia J
George T Adrian Kenkel John Dungan Timothy A Martin Cynthia J Nickell Gaylin L
1993 Dussault Patrick H
Dussault Patrick H Kenkel John Dungan Timothy A Nickell Gaylin L

Jensen Thomas L Dussault Patrick H Griess Rhonda S Wheeler Margaret M

Smith David H Jensen Thomas L Dungan Timothy A Wheeler Margaret M
1990 Holtzclaw Jr Henry F Wheeler Margaret M Heidemann Dorothy R Smith David H Hannon John M Takacs James M

George A Denise Heidemann Dorothy R Laursen Paul H Takacs James M

Wehling Randy L George A Denise Zeece Michael G Apple Thomas
1987 Holtzclaw Jr Henry F Wheeler Margaret M Thrall Cary Wehling Randy L Brooks Helen B Apple Thomas

Cerny Ronald L Thrall Cary Kastl John Groon Kathleen


From 1971 to 1985, the three officers were Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary/Treasurer.

YearCouncilorAlt. CouncilorChairmanVice-ChairmanSecretary/Treasurer

Hannon John MCerny Ronald LHeidemann Dorothy R
1984Holtzclaw Jr Henry FWheeler Margaret MHowell Daniel BHannon John MDam Richard

George T AdrianHowell Daniel BDam Richard

Coleman George HGeorge T AdrianTipton Thomas J
1981Holtzclaw Jr Henry FWheeler Margaret MGriswold Norman EColeman George HDay Cynthia S

Carr James DGriswold Norman EDay Cynthia S

George A DeniseCarr James DBroman Robert F
1978Holtzclaw Jr Henry FSturgeon George DKing DelbertGeorge A DeniseWheeler Margaret M

Hargens RD (King D)King DelbertDemuth John R

George A DeniseHargens Robert DDemuth John R
1975Holtzclaw Jr Henry FSturgeon George DHowell Daniel BGeorge A DeniseMarianelli Robert S

Grossman Robert MHowell Daniel BGilsdorf Gary D

Gross Michael LHowell Daniel BGeorge A Denise
1972Holtzclaw Jr Henry FSturgeon George DGriswold Norman EGross Michael LHowell Daniel B

Carr James DGriswold Norman EGross Michael L


From 1948 to 1970, the four officers were Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. The pattern that emerged in during the 1950s was to progress from Treasurer to Secretary to Vice to Chairman.


YearCouncilorAlt. CouncilorChairmanVice-ChairmanSecretaryTreasurer

Michejda Christopher JGriswold Norman ECarr James D
1969Holtzclaw Jr Henry FSturgeon George DSturgeon George DMichejda Christopher JGriswold Norman ECarr James D

Gilbert RE (Sturgeon G)Sturgeon George DMichejda CJGriswold Norman E

Dam RichardRack Edward PSturgeon George DMichejda Christopher J
1966Holtzclaw Jr Henry FBaumgarten Henry ELarson Robert CDam RichardRack Edward PSturgeon George D

Johnston Robert BLarson Robert CDam RichardRack Edward P

Scholz John JWheeler Desmond MSLarson Robert CDam Richard
1963Holtzclaw Jr Henry FVanderzee CEAlberts Arnold AScholz John JWheeler Desmond MSLarson Robert C

Gallup Gordon AMattoon JRScholz John JWheeler Desmond MS

Glazier Robert HGallup Gordon AMattoon JRScholz John J
1960Vanderzee Cecil ELooker JHHill Robert MDemuth John RGallup Gordon ATaylor JC

Brinn JMAlberts AAHill Robert MGallup Gordon A

Harris Robert HJohnston Robert BDemuth John RHill Robert M
1957Holtzclaw Jr Henry FVanderzee CELooker James HBrinn JJohnston Robert BGlazier Robert H

Baumgarten Henry EHarris Robert HLooker James HNightingale ER

Pazur John HHoltzclaw HFHarris Robert HJohnston Robert B
1954Pagel H ArminHoltzclaw Jr Henry FVanderzee Cecil EAbbott RCPazur John HHarris Robert H

Cromwell Norman HVanderzee Cecil EBaumgarten HENigard PH

Borchers Raymond LHarris LEVanderzee Cecil ELooker JH
1951Washburn E RogerMilitzer Walter EHoltzclaw Henry FSmall LDVanderzee Cecil EFlorin RE

Hites Bennett DBorchers RHoltzclaw Jr Henry FFlorin RE

Bates Herbert THites BDHoltzclaw Jr Henry F
1948Militzer Walter EHarris LEFox Donald EJannke PJBorchers R



From 1929 to 1947, the three officers were Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary-Treasurer.

There was no election in 1934 for unknown reasons.


Year CouncilorChairman Vice-ChairmanSecretary-Treasurer
1947Militzer WEGeorgi CEFox DEBorchers R
1946Washburn ERHarris LGeorgi CEJannke PJ
1945Thompson TJPagel HAJannke PJGeorgi CE
1944Washburn ERThompson TJPagel HAGeorgi CE
1943Washburn ERSandstedt RMBukey FSCromwell NH
1942Washburn ERGeorgi CESandstedt RMCromwell NH
1941Washburn ERBrown DJAbbott RCMilitzer WE
1940Washburn ERBrown DJGeorgi CEMilitzer WE
1939Hamilton CSMilitzer WEFrankforter CJWashburn ER
1938Hamilton CSWeldon MDPagel HAWashburn ER
1937Hamilton CSHendricks BCAbbott RCWashburn ER
1936Hamilton CSAckerson CWHendricks BCWashburn ER
1935Hamilton CSDurham HAAbbott RCPagel HA

1933Upson FWBlish MJDeming HGPagel HA
1932Avery SPagel HAPfeiffer GJMorse Mary L
1931Avery SWashburn ERPagel HAMorse Mary L
1930Upson FWBrown DJWashburn ERBoschult EJ
1929Upson FWAvery SAbbott RCBoschult EJ


The 1925, 1926, and 1927 elections took place in May and officers took office immediately.

There was no election in 1928 because the officers elected in May 1927 served 20-month terms to revert the cycle back to December elections.

Year CouncilorChairmanVice-ChairmanSecretary-Treasurer

1927Upson FWAbbott RCAckerson CWWestwater W
1926Upson FWHamilton CS (Frankforter CJ)Knudson CMBoschult EJ
1925Upson FWHamilton CSKnudson CMBoschult EJ


From 1902 to 1924, the election of next year’s officers took place in the previous December.

In 1920, there was a second election (labeled 1920#2 in this table) because the creation of the Omaha local section caused the President and Vice President to move to the new section. This also happens to be the election in which the titles were changed to Chairman and Vice Chairman.


Year CouncilorChairmanVice-ChairmanSecretary-Treasurer
1924Upson FWHamilton CSAbbott RCBoschult EJ
1923Upson FWBlish MJAbbott RCArenson SB
1922Upson FWHendricks BC Durham HAArenson SB
1921Upson FWAnderson EFrisbie WDArenson SB
1920 #2Upson FWBrown DJDurham HAHendricks BC

The position of councilor began in 1911. Samuel Avery was Chancellor of the University of Nebraska when he served as councilor. The councilor acts as the liaison between the local section and the American Chemical Society by attending the national governance meetings.

Mary Louise Fossler was the first female officer of the Nebraska Local Section, serving as Vice President in 1910 and 1914. She was the third female chemistry professor at the University of Nebraska.

Year CouncilorPresidentVice-PresidentSecretary-Treasurer
1920Upson FWBarr WMLow WHHendricks BC
1919Upson FWDeming HGLow WHAbbott RC
1918Dales BBorrowman GPlum HMAbbott RC
1917Senter HAUpson FWBorrowman GPlum HM
1916Avery S Upson FWCutter JSPlum HM
1915Senter HADales BCutter JSPlum HM
1914Senter HADales BFossler MLFrankforter CJ
1913Avery S Dales BSenter HAFrankforter CJ
1912Avery S Senter HAAlway FJFrankforter CJ
1911Avery S Senter HAAlway FJFrankforter CJ
Senter HAFossler MLBarneby OL (Frankforter CJ)
Low WHHopkins BSDales B
Alway FJSenter HADales B
Avery SAlway FJDales B
Avery SAlway FJDales B
Avery SStockwell CFDales B
Nicholson HHAvery SDales B
Nicholson HHAvery SHiltner RS
Nicholson HHAlway FJHiltner RS


From 1895 to 1900, officers were elected in June and took office immediately. The Vice-President position was created in 1899.

Nicholson HHAlway FJHiltner RS
Nicholson HHAvery SWhite J
Nicholson HH
White J
Nicholson HH
White J
Nicholson HH
White J
Nicholson HH
White J